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Berkeley Trade Finance Ltd offers a range of trade finance solutions to start ups, established small companies, independent traders and large companies across the UK. We are based in Central London, and our clients include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters.

Some of the additional services we can provide to Berkeley customers are included below:

Credit Management

Berkeley has an experienced credit control team that conducts itself in a firm, fair and methodical approach to the sometimes sensitive subject of collecting monies.

We specialise in collaborating with clients to help them increase their revenue and minimise risks to their finances. For instance, we outline strategies designed to minimise the accruing of bad debts and reduce the measure of capital entangled with debtors.

Berkeley will ensure that the team understands the client’s business and the sensitivities of their relationships; handling a client’s customers in a spirit of partnership.

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Credit Insurance

Berkeley can insure your ledger and ensure a minimisation of bad debt almost anywhere in the world. Credit insurance plays an integral part in the security of the transaction and Berkeley has excellent standing with its credit insurers.

Berkeley will review a client’s customers in detail and the insurance and monitoring procedures will ensure that a client is protected against bad debt and in general all customer balances over £2000, in the ordinary course of business, are 90% non-recourse to the client. Berkeley makes no separate charge for credit insurance and this cost is absorbed in our overall charges.

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Foreign Exchange

Berkeley offers spot and forward foreign exchange facilities to clients directly or by introductions to our foreign exchange partners and will assist its clients to hedge their forward exchange exposure.

These services can help you circumnavigate the inessential costs incurred by a bank; offering competitive exchange rates whilst minimising the prospect of increases to your international payments.

We can present you with a range of payment options. This enables you to both preserve your budget rate and capitalise on favourable movements in the market.

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Freight Forwarding

The effective organisation of the transportation of goods and distribution channels is essential to the smooth delivery of a client’s goods to the final customer.

Utilising our worldwide contacts in the industry Berkeley can arrange for the movement of goods, ensuring that everyone knows exactly where goods are at any time in the supply chain and that delivery dates are met.

The transportation of certain goods requires expertise which not every client or freight forwarding company will have.

Berkeley are also able to finance the cost of freight, duty and VAT, where profits margins permit this leaving a client’s existing credit facilities intact thereby further helping cash flow.

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Marine Insurance

Berkeley’s expertise in international shipping, combined with its understanding of the global insurance market can help clients to analyse and to meet their insurance requirements.

We provide you with continuous assistance and support; offering impartial advice to help you protect your investments. Berkeley appreciates that each client’s situation is different, and offers an assortment of options to meet your maritime insurance needs. We can make the necessary introductions to ensure the best possible quote is provided and that comprehensive cover is put in place.

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Addional Service - Marine Insurance

Corporate Advice

Berkeley has on-going working relationships with a number of corporate houses that are experts in providing corporate advice, fund raising and stock market listings. Berkeley’s products often provide clients with the working capital to grow their business. When the time is right Berkeley can then introduce clients to corporate advisors who can help them move to the next level of finance to achieve the longer term goals of the business.

Berkeley also has industry contacts throughout the asset based finance industry and can introduce clients to other forms of asset based finance where required. The flexible nature of Berkeley’s products means they can often work in conjunction with banks and other asset based financiers to ensure a smooth and comprehensive financing solution.

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Product Sourcing

Beyond its financing services, Berkeley’s contacts with suppliers and sourcing agents in the Far East and the rest of the world, can assist clients with comprehensive product sourcing introductions.

We maintain strong relationships with some of the largest trading companies in Hong Kong, present in over 40 countries and offering 7000 manufacturing outlets throughout the world. We can make introductions that can help in sourcing product and locating factories, negotiating prices, monitoring the manufacturing process, quality control checks and arranging shipment of goods.

Berkeley’s contacts can often serve as a useful competitive reference point to a client’s established suppliers.

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